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The importance of sports for the hemophiliacs


Hemophilia signs


The most common sign of hemophilia is uncontrollable bleeding which is more than normal as a result of the missing or deficiency of clotting factors of blood. Bleeding can even occur without any hurt. Bleeding mostly happens in joints. The followings are some of the other common signs of hemophilia, though each individual experience different signs.

The signs are:

Livid bruises: lividness due to small injuries that can lead to a large hematoma (localized collection of blood under the skin which results in swell).

Bleeding:  The tendency for bleeding from nose, mouth, and gums because of a small harm like tooth-brushing or dentistry is a sign for hemophilia.

Joint bleed: joint bleed causes pain and immobility and if doesn’t go under a complete medical cure, will result in a deformation of joints. Joints are one of the common places for hemophilia after-effects. This joint bleed leads to chronic and painful inflammation, deformation, and continuous staggering.

Muscle bleeding: muscle bleeding leads to swell, pain, and redness. The swelling as a result of bleeding in these parts results in eternal harms and deformation due to the increase of pressure on tissues nerves.

Bleeding due to harms or brain bleeding (hemorrhage): Bleeding due to harms or spontaneous brain bleeding (hemorrhage) is the most common reason for the death of hemophiliac children. This is also one of the most severe after-effects of hemophilia.

Other places of bleeding: finding blood in urine (hematuria) or stool (rectal bleeding) can be another sign for hemophilia. The signs of hemophilia can be similar to other bleeding disorders or medical problems.


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