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The importance of sports for the hemophiliacs

Looking after hemophiliac children


The recognition of hemophilia in a newborn baby causes stress, hopelessness, and even the feeling of guilt especially for parents without having any hemophiliac in their relatives. Most of these parents feel unable and weak for looking after their hemophiliac child.

Hemophilia an incurable disease

Identifying hemophilia

Although hemophilia doesn’t have any special symptoms like lots of other diseases and some of them are shared with some other diseases, scientists found the following as the most important ones:

Pain and swell of joints or asthenia in leg or arm especially in knee or elbow

Continual coagulations

Severe bleeding of small cuts

Spontaneous nose bleeding

Finding blood in urine



Hemophilia signs


The most common sign of hemophilia is uncontrollable bleeding which is more than normal as a result of the missing or deficiency of clotting factors of blood. Bleeding can even occur without any hurt. Bleeding mostly happens in joints. The followings are some of the other common signs of hemophilia, though each individual experience different signs.


Our Activities

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The Hemophilia Society of Isfahan Province, as a completely independent society, has started its activities in 2003. The association has covered 700 members from all over the province and is located in Seyedolshohada Hospital, the only center for special diseases. During these years of activity, the association has been having the continues relationship with Ministry of Health, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Special Diseases Foundation, Health Center of Isfahan Province and other organization and has done very effective measures, including:

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Isfahan Hemophilia Society